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Edible Lactose

Unsalted Sweet Cream; Salted Sweet Cream; Lactic Buter in bulk


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Edible Lactose

Edible Lactose Mesh 100 / 200

Description: is obtained from whey during the concentration process. This mildly sweet product ranges from white to pale yellow crystalline colour. Lactose is used in bakery, confectionary and dairy products’ production (blends, sweeteners replacement, and infant formulas)

Packaging: available in 25kg bags or different size big-bags

Physical information

Colour white to pale yellow
typical, slightly sweet
Dry matter
min 98%
Particle size
depending on quality
pH 5-7

Microbiological Characteristics

Total Plate Count
< 30.000/gram
Yeast and moulds
< 50 /gram
negative/ 25 grams